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In this Bluehost review, we tested the services and features of most popular hosting provider within the industry.

Promising speed, security, and affordable pricing, Bluehost features a wide list of services. It includes shared, Cloud, VPS, and dedicated server hosting packages with optimizations for WordPress.

So if you were ever trying to find a reasonable host, Bluehost has definitely popped up in your search results. Backed by the most important hosting corporation, Endurance International Group, Bluehost may be a popular choice to host WordPress blogs, business sites, and eCommerce stores.

After all, it is a true one-stop-shop. Users can get not only hosting service but security, marketing, and web design services at best price.

1. Best Uptime - 99.95% - Throughout the Year

Uptime is one the foremost important aspects when choosing an internet host - in any case , if your site is down, your users can not access it. So consistently good uptime should be one among your top priorities.

2. Best Introductory Pricing ($3.95/mo)

We'll check out Bluehost's full pricing and plans.

However, if you were to travel inspect the starting prices, you'll notice rock bottom advertised price is $3.95/month. That's a reasonably bargain considering they've supposedly reduced it already from $7.99/month originally.

For that price, you get just about everything you would like for one website. that has 50 GB SSD storage, unmetered bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, and more.

So you'd be getting a reasonably good value for the worth , plus their consistent uptime and page loading speeds.

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3. Best Security Options

Even though Bluehost is one among the "cheaper" options on the market, we've been pleased to ascertain that they don't cut too many corners or skimp on critical features like security.

Bluehost provides tons of excellent security options by default, including the free SSL certificate for every plan like we mentioned earlier.

All plans also include a website privacy feature which will help keep the private information you wont to check in for a website private. This prevents hackers from finding and using these personal details for phishing schemes to trick you or others into delivering sensitive information.

SiteLock is included to assist prevent malware attacks, which are unfortunately fairly common on WordPress sites. CodeGuard is another form for cover , which also provides daily backups so you'll roll back previous versions of a site if it does get hacked.

Altogether, this is often a reasonably decent security package to stay your site safe and sound.

4. Many Integrations, Apps, and eCommerce Features

Beyond the included security measures , Bluehost also provides access to an enormous number of various apps and integrations so you'll use the foremost popular services on the online .

For example, they need a website manager if you'd rather just purchase and manage multiple domains through them. you'll set daily, weekly, or monthly backups just just in case .

You can install WordPress with one click (more thereon within the next section below). you'll also install other popular content management systems (CMS) like Drupal, Joomla, run an e-commerce shop, and more.

Plus, Bluehost also include access to a Content Delivery Network (CDN). These host your images and enormous files, taking that employment off your servers, to deliver them faster to users round the world and keep your site quick at an equivalent time.

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5. "Official" Recommended Host

WordPress is that the most famous website platform in the market.

And they only "officially" recommend three hosting partners to use with a WordPress site is:

  • Bluehost

  • Dreamhost

  •  SiteGround

Of course, you'll use almost any web hosting provider to make a WordPress site. But the very fact that Bluehost is one among the few officially recognized partners is encouraging. recommends Bluehost

wordpress recommeds bluehost

6. Best for Beginners

Some of the online hosts we've seen are best just for advanced users.

The layout of Bluehost's control panel makes it easy to use. you only got to point and click on in most cases.

It also has features for advanced users, but beginners can also easily install and start-up WordPress.

Or, they will use the Bluehost website builder tools(such as Weebly or Drupal) to start out with a template that you simply can customize by just dragging-and-dropping features.

Bluehost easy to use cPanel

7. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Getting the simplest deal on web hosting usually means prepaying for a couple of months, a year or several years at a time.

Special Intro Offer & 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Intro Offer:

The promotional price is for the primary term only and plans renew at the regular rate.

Money-Back Guarantee:

Your satisfaction is top priority and bluehostconfident you will be pleased together with his services. Still, if you are trying and choose your account doesn't sufficiently meet your needs, you'll cancel within 30 days for a refund

8. Customer Support

Bluehost offers everything from a knowledge domain , to measure chat, email ticket support, and even phone support.

There were slight delays between each reply, but overall, Vinutha was extremely friendly and offered direct answers to every question. it had been an easy experience, which is strictly what you would like out of a host's customer support.

So is it all worth it? I purchased and tested the provider to ascertain whether its popularity matches the standard. And as far as I can see immediately, there are many advantages and drawbacks.

Let's review these features in additional detail.


1. Bluehost Pricing is Affordable
2. Ease of Use
3. Excellent Server Speed
4. Cloudflare Integration
5 Security and Backups
6. Professional 24/7 Customer Support
7. Weebly Website Builder

Bluehost drawbacks

A perfect hosting provider doesn't exist. Bluehost has some drawbacks also - questionable uptime, aggressive pricing strategy, also as lack of short term plans for shared hosting.

Check the details below.

1. No Uptime Guarantee
2. Aggressive Upsells and Renewals
3. No Month-to-Month Plans

Bluehost Review - Our Verdict

As we figured during this Bluehost review, it's one among leading choices for beginners. Bluehost offers speedy and secure hosting service which will be managed easily, also as affordable pricing. The list of premium services that include Weebly website builder is additionally impressive.

But is it leading choice for everyone?

Bluehost has some downsides that might become drawbacks for knowledgeable users hosting larger projects. It includes a no uptime guarantee, and a fairly inconvenient pricing strategy.

But putting everything together, Bluehost is one among the simplest hosts within the industry and it's definitely worth trying. Especially for beginners and WordPress users!



FREE SSL Certificate Included
Free Domain Registration
24/7 Support

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